PRE-LAUNCH GIVEAWAY! Airwave 3200 Series

It began as an experiment to test assumptions, to test boundaries. It wasn't expected to turn out like this - as a top level reference performer to boggle the mind.

There was a 32-member micro-braid of pure copper InterPole™ (which I also call "Matrix") and then there is a two-member twisted set (3tpi) of individually insulated, fine-gauge pure copper wires. You can see by the photo of the internal portions of the cable (below) that the relationship of the conductors to one another, in a termination, isn't necessarily obvious ... or, if it is obvious to you ... then you're completely mistaken ;-)

This is one of the most surprising builds of my career, in that the counterintuitive termination resulted in truly unexpected (and wonderful) results. It was all "wrong" in the traditional sense ...

That was the point ... to do something "wrong" as measured by the traditional or conventional wisdom that usually governs these kinds of things. 

What I heard from my audio system was so surprising - shocking, really - that I sat completely agog. I listened to a recording that I know and have played for - well, more than 20 years, I suppose - come to life anew.

We hear these kinds of things, these claims, various iterations of "come to life anew" - over and over again in this industry. I'm numb to the hyperbole as you are, and yet I'm left with no other package of words to describe the sensation of listening through the new cable form. So much more came out of the background of this recording that I realized I hadn't really heard it before.

Most astonishing was the sense of EFFORTLESSNESS. This is king among all of the attributes that I tend to chase, and it's not easily achieved and it never seems manifest except in degrees.

The music I was listening to is from Calamus, called "The Splendor of Al Andalus" (MA Recordings). I know this recording so well because it is the first recording that I ever purchased from Todd Garfinkle, and - in essence - the CD is an anchor point for our friendship, so I'm thinking I got it around 1994 or 1995.

This unlikely cable design was baldly mocking my memory of a recording that I knew intimately!

Of course I didn't hear new notes or some new instrument or voice coming out of the background ... but the difference in presentation - that element of effortlessness - made it seem as if it were somehow remastered, or otherwise that I was listening to a high resolution version instead of the 16/44.1 version I'd known all these years. 


(Funny enough, it was recorded on a 96k DAT, but it was sample-converted for CD because that's pretty much all we had in 1994)


I let the cables break-in, even subjected them to my (as yet unpublished) Black Cat Cable break-in track, wondering if something would eventually emerge like a fly in the ointment, a slug in the cabbage, a spoiler.

Nothing of the sort came to pass.

They remained so effortlessly transparent that I was left just shaking my head and playing album after album after album (after album).

I've wanted to throw all kinds of superlatives at this cable to try and communicate how amazing I think it is without sounding corny or hyper-markety. And all I was coming up with was corny and hyper-markety.


Spare me the drama ...

In the end I decided to give it a number that identifies the build.


That's how the Airewave 3200 series was born.

  • 3202 for the small signal stuff
  • 3232 for the high current stuff

In my opinion this is endgame quality, naturally at home in any system regardless of pedigree or price.


  • No fancy boxes
  • No doodads
  • No magnets
  • No lotions
  • No adornments

They are not thick like pythons (my cables have always been comparatively thin).

They do not come packaged in roll-aboard luggage or spy-movie briefcases.

They will never impress your audiophile friends who listen with their eyes and judge quality by the pain in the price tag.



Once you hear 3200 Series Airwave cables in your system, I sincerely doubt you will be able to un-hear them.

They're that good.

~ Chris Sommovigo


From Todd Garfinkle, world-class recording engineer and label-owner at MA RECORDINGS:

Dear Chris,
I have your 3202 prototypes feeding my recently "rediscovered and now edited for imminent release" 96K Calamus recording, into my Stax SRM T1S driver amp.This amp was acquired from the original Stax owners many years ago, but it is still working beautifully. I have my very, very prized, one of a kind, original Stax Omega Prototypes on my head.  There were constructed of gold plated brass, making them much too heavy to successfully market to the end user audiophile.  However, there is nothing I have ever heard that equals them.  Nothing........

So, I have an incredibly resolving headphone system with which to audition your cables.  

I am thoroughly enjoying the presentation the 3200s render. They are extremely neutral, adding nothing to the sonic signature that I can discern. They are quiet and elegant, yet super punchy when they need to be.

From my perspective, the 3200s should be worthy of consideration by any audiophile, young and old...

Best wishes


We're launching in the middle of November, but toward the end of October we'll be giving away 5 pairs of 3202 RCA Interconnects @ 1.0mpr/ea to 5 folks who have signed up - SO SIGN IN OR BE LEFT OUT

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