Airwave 3202 Interconnect

Airwave 3202 Interconnect

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This is the one that started the 3200 series - the utterly counter-intuitive interconnect that made me jump out of my seat!

In a nutshell: A Matrix-32 outer shell forms the signal layer. This is comprised of 32 individually-enameled pure copper strands braided into a very fine tube of counter-rotating helices around a thin-walled PTFE ("Teflon") tube. This is the same kind of material used in my more expensive "Matrix Mk. II" interconnect, only this one is processed differently.

A thin-copper twisted pair of Airwave™ conductors, Nami-processed to ensure that they remain substantially suspended in the air, is run down the center of the PTFE tube.

The termination isn't all the obvious - in fact, it's kind of counterintuitive-with-complications. It's perhaps too time consuming to make given the modest price - you'd be crazy to try and implement the procedure in any broadly distributed brand - the labor expense would strip out the profits unless you tripled the retail.

But I'm a small player with only a few dealers and some direct business, so I discount my own labor to myself ... :-)


This just refers to the build: 32 conductors on the outside, and 2 on the inside, and nothing but music through and through ...

In order to reign-in costs, I originally thought to use an inexpensive but not-too-bad RCA connector from REAN, which is Neutrik's 'bargain brand' of RCA connector. The truth is - they don't suck, but not sucking is not enough for this product.


But my big Lovecraft RCAs with the direct-gold-plated pure copper pin, set-screw termination (with solder, of course), is just way better. The problem is they are too expensive to make, which means that they would drive the price of the 3202 up beyond where I wanted it to be.

I thought that if I could distill enough of the big Lovecraft into a new, less expensive design - the 3202 would get a big leg-up and still be priced low enough to make the 3202 the proverbial "no-brainer"...

That's when I set my sights on transporting as much of the big Lovecraft RCA into a new MINI design that would transport the same kind of signal pin (where all the important business goes down!) to a smaller, less expensive connector. Despite not being all that exciting to look at, the LOVECRAFT MINI is an outstanding high-performance connector and I couldn't be happier with the results!

Neutrik XLR

I've been using Neutrik's NC3MXX Silver-Plated XLRs for years and must say that they are excellent and they don't cost an arm and a leg. I've installed them in my top Matrix Mk. II designs in the Black Cat Redlevel series, and they always deliver excellent results with nothing but compliments from our family of customers who use them!



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The price will be increasing to $599.95 in 2018, (and it will still be a steal) - but don't miss this opportunity to save almost 20% on what I think is probably one of the highest-performance interconnects on the planet - no joke.